Hey, There!
I’m Karen.

My name is Karen and I am the owner/operator of Sacred Soul Sorcery, a place where people are free to explore their spiritual, mental, and emotiona journey. With a Counselling Diploma and a B.A. in Sociology and Psychology I wanted to create a space where people could work on themselves and their beliefs. Work through trauma and heal at their own pace without judgement. It is also a place to learn and take your first steps on your spiritual path. It can sometimes be hard to get started on any of these things so I give you small steps, tasks, and actionable information to help you take that first step. 

Stop getting overwhelmed with everything going on and not knowing where to begin to ‘fix’ things. Take a moment, step back, take a breath, and then just do one thing you find here that draws your attention then just keep pushing forward.

My Mission

“To create a safe community for people to grow into who they are. I want to support you through figuring out your core beliefs, releasing trauma from the past, and working on all the unloved spaces within. Let’s Journey together to soul!”

It’s a Lifestyle